…its been a while.

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over a year since my last post… guess ive just been that busy.  since my last post lets see… I graduated high school, started going to aircraft mechanics school, bought a miata and modded it, got and lost my job at Just Tires, the miata broke…  think thats it, wait no i also play frisbee golf a lot!  I might continue posting regular things here but i don’t really know what to write about.  Maybe ill have to list some awesome pranks and the such.


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I am still like in a transformers shell shock from this movie… it was utterly and completely epic and amazing.  i cant stress the word EPIC enough, go see it… NOW!

Pirates 3

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I was disappointed.  If you forget the 1st and 2nd movies, it was more enjoyable.  The plot doesn’t flow in any way whatsoever.  The movie is rough to watch, it is not smooth.  Truly that doesn’t bother me though.  What disappointed me most was that the actors seemed… off and akward.  The characters totally changed, that fun that the first movie was… was not in this film.  It was dark, everybody back stabbed each other… constantly.  If you are able to pay attention to all the backstabbing, you are able to tell exactly what is going to happen to every single character about 10 minutes before it happens.  Captain Jack Sparrow is no longer the guy that does a bunch of unexpected stuff.  Just an insane guy that can get away with anything.  The wity-ness wasn’t there, and there were so many scenes that needed to be cut.  Some parts were just really hard to watch because they were so long and drawn out.  The three pirates movies are like the matrix trilogy.  The last two movies were entertaining, but really they just kind of sucked.  In the end, everybody just seems like a nobody.  I went into the movie without any predetermined expectations.  I guess the movie deserves a C.  It was decent to watch, but thats it.  Besides the disappointment, one thing really really really pissed me off.  Having to listen to stupid dumb teenage girls screaming about how it was heaven that there were a bunch of Captain Jack Sparrow’s.  How stupid is that, a bunch of insane men on a boat and women wish they were there.  Stupid ignorant women being retarded.  They are worse than men in most cases, men usually dont obsess over women.  I know i don’t, but no women OBSESS of Johnny Depp or some other actor.  It is sad and stupid, explain why so many women get used and abused by men though.

Two Essays for English

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Havent updated in a while.  When school is over th mega update shall come.

Paradoxical Opinion

This story will lack “proper” structure.  This paper is being turned in extremely late, this paper probably wont even be a paradox.  I don’t really have any ideas about what to write about, except my life in the last couple of months.  Mostly it will probably just be issues I’ve been thinking about  as of late.

I got put in Daily high school, my family shunned me for getting kicked out of Clark.  My GPA was crap, I didn’t care about school at all.  Nothing school wise mattered to me.  I actually managed to shut my brain off enough so I would stop thinking about how BS school is.  The entire school year has consisted of me going to school and making sure not to think enough, in fear that my brain would convince myself to not do anything in rebellion.  So far I have been pretty successful.  Looks like I will graduate too.

After leaving Clark basically my entire life spun around.  My family was very disappointed in me, but my life had taken such a huge turn for the better.  I somehow managed to get a girlfriend, my first girlfriend.  My first kiss at 17, how pathetic is that.  Women actually started talking to me.  I actually started working out, I started learning Arnis.  I got some more control over my life, FINALLY.  I started making money, I started getting respect.  People actually started taking me seriously.  How is it that when I am going to the “good” school, everyone thinks that I am just an emotional teenager that has no idea what he is talking about.  The moment I go to Daily though, the “bad” school.  I am taken seriously, I suddenly know what I am talking about.

I bought a car, one of the cars I always hoped to own.  A 1990 2 door Volkswagen golf GTI.  I delved into the mechanics world, within a couple weeks I basically learned exactly how an engine works and most of its components.  Of course with my luck I basically made a very bad decision.  I still have to figure out the pink slip situation, and the car needs a new engine.  I owned it for 30 days and go to drive it a total of 10 because it kept breaking.  For some reason even with it broken now I don’t care much, just can’t wait to fix it and get everything settled.

I have always known you never stop learning thoughout life, that you never stop learning.  I started noticing things about the older generations, things that mostly annoyed me.  My new biggest pet peeve, is older experience adults that say to keep your judgements and be calm.  I hate when they say this and in the next 5 minutes make a stupid emotional decision, that shows they have the emotional control of a 5 year old.  Why is it that the older “experienced” generation can go on and give all this great advice and then it total hypocritical fashion, show they can’t take their own advice?

My theory on the older generations is that they only mean good.  They went though a whole lot more than anything my generation has had to go through.  Mainly because the older generations have done everything for us, which has had a negative impact.  My generation hardly has to work for anything, the older generations care for us so much they basically give us everything on a silver platter.  They do this because they don’t want us to have to go through the same stuff they did.  It’s a honorable act… but now the youth don’t care, nor want to try.  Nobody wants to do anything if everything is handed to them. 

How can people in the U.S. be so ignorant.  We have hardcore atheists and religious extremists.  It is as if almost no one can communicate, it sad and stupid.  Why shouldn’t under god be removed from the pledge of allegiance and in god we trust be taken off our money?  They were added during the 50’s.  Before the 50’s none of that existed.  We did it to separate ourselves from godless soviet Russia.  The entire situation makes no sense, the cold war is over.  We should change everything back to the way it was.  The only reason I even have the opinion that we should do that is because most Christians seem to think it has always been that way.  Christians in the media think they are holy and better than everyone else.  It is a load of crap, they need to grow up and learn that they aren’t the only ones in existence.  Atheists need to stop being such pompous smartasses that think they can solve it all with science.  It is both, science is true and religion is true.  None of this could exist without some kind of greater power.  Science however also is correct, evolution did happen.  The real truth lays somewhere in between the two groups.

Life is just a bunch of events strung together, none of it really makes any sense.  At the same time that’s life and you have to make some sense out of it.  When humanity eventually evolves as a whole, maybe the world will turn to the better and the future of the planet will not look so bleak.

The second essay

Quest for the Fluffy Bunny

Space.  The deep blackness of space.  Alone floats a small ship, lightly armed.  Captain Mark of the Falconian Interceptor, sits in his quarters.  Reading a map, he quickly hurries out of his quarters.  He hurries to the command deck where his crew awaits.

“How close are we to the planet Fulf?” commands Mark.

“We should land on the surface in 15 minutes, captain” responds Bill.

Mark had received a treasure map on the last planet they visited, it spoke of a fluffy bunny.  A bunny so fluffy, it is the most amazing fluffy bunny in the entire universe.  Mark having a fascination with Bunnies since childhood, instantly sent his treasure hunting crew to find this fluffy bunny. 

“Notify me when we are about to land.” Mark tells the crew.

Mark goes back to his quarters and plans where they will search on the planet surface first.  He goes to the cargo hold to make sure their “Hunter,” a all terrain floating truck, is outfitted and ready to go.

Mark’s radio crackles to life.  Bill, the pilot’s voice comes over the radio.

“We are about to land captain.”

“Have the crew meet me in the cargo hold”

“aye, sir.”

Mark can feel the excitement in his chest, he WILL find this fluffy bunny.  He will not stop until the fluffy bunny is his.

The crew comes into the cargo hold, dressed in wilderness gear.  They are ready to find this fluffy bunny.  Bill jumps in the driver seat, Mark jumps in the passenger seat.  The rest of the crew hops in the back.  The cargo hold doors slide open with a his, and the sunlight blinds them for a moment.  Outside the world is an almost alien green, the vegetation is lush. 

“Bill, I want to start searching two clicks east”

“Aye captain.”

The Hunter speeds away from the ship, the cargo bay door sliding closed behind them.  The planet is quiet, it is uninhabited.  They see a forest line, the hunter speeds into it.

“Careful Bill we don’t need to crash this thing.”

“Sorry captain.”

The Hunter slows down slightly, still speeding through the forest.  Mark sighs, Bill has such a need for speed.

“Ok stop here Bill.”

The speeder slowly comes to a stop and drops to the ground.  Everybody hops out.

“Ok fan out and search the area, remember this bunny  is extremely fluffy.  Bill you follow me.”

The crew disappears into the forest.  Mark and Bill head off away from the rest of the crew, the hunt is on.

“How do we know if we have found the right bunny captain?”

“It will obviously be extremely fluffy, we should be able to tell from sight alone.”

The forest is silent, it seems unnaturally quiet for a forest.  The sounds of wildlife are not present.

“Sir, are you sure this is the correct planet.  There does not seem to be any wildlife here.”

“I am sure Bill, this is where the treasure map said to go.”

They hear a yelp off in the distance, then Mark’s radio crackles.

“Sir, come quick I think we have found something.”

“C’mon Bill lets go check it out.”

Mark and Bill rush off towards the sound of the yelp.  They come to a clearing, there stands two of the crew members.

“Look captain!”

In the middle of the clearing is an old tree stump.  Suddenly a fluffy bunny comes out of it, its fur so shiny it gleams in the sun.

“There it is!  Quick Bill, call the rest of the crew.”

“Aye sir.”

You hear Bill’s radio crackle and some commands being said.  Mark cannot take his eyes off the fluffy bunny, it is amazing.  He knows he needs this bunny, it is his destiny to have this bunny.  The rest of the crew comes out of the trees, all eyes are on the bunny.

“Ok, lets surround the fluffy bunny and catch it”

The crew moves into position, and slowly starts moving in.  The fluffy bunny doesn’t seem anxious.  In fact the fluffy bunny seems unnormally calm for a wild animal.  The crew starts getting closer, Mark simply walks up and picks up the bunny.

“Well the was unnormally easy, back to the ship crew!”

As the crew starts to walk back to the ship, Mark is worried that something is wrong.  It shouldn’t have been that easy to attain the bunny.  As soon as he thinks this, a hideous black lanky troll monster comes out of the brush.  Everyone is frozen with fear.

“whos dareth tac ma bunny away!” screams the troll.

Mark,  scared but still the captain, steps forward and challenges

“I Mark the treasure hunter have come to attain this amazingly fluffy bunny.”

“Tha be no good, na one tac me buuny!”

The troll charges for Mark.  Mark’s valiant crew jumps in front of him and attempt to fight him off.  The troll is too strong and fast though and easily kills half of his crew in a matter of seconds.


Everyone still alive starts running for the ship.  The troll chases after them, picking off those in the back.  Mark can see the ship, sweat dripping off his forehead, Bill is 10 paces ahead.  Bill gets into the cargo hold first, and screams at Mark to hurry.  Just as Mark gets his foot on the ramp to the cargo hold.  Bill snatches the fluffy bunny out of his hands and pushes him out of the hold with a nasty sneer.

“Sorry Mark, but the fluffy bunny is MINE!”

Mark yells in frusteration and terror as he is thrown aside by the troll.  The Cargo hold closes before the troll can get in, the ship takes off and flies away.  Mark doesn’t know what to do, he is hurt and tired.  The troll slowly walks towards him.

“Yoo must pay fer tacen ma bunny!”

“I am sorry cant we just be friends?”

The trolls face goes from a grimace to happiness.

“Ok we can go play wit da other fluffy bunnies!”

Mark and the troll lived happily ever after living in a field of awesomely fluffy bunnies for the rest of their days.




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Ok my car’s exhaust crapped out on me, getting 2.25 inch custom piping with magnaflow muffler tomorrow :)  I turned 18 and went to hooter, when i get the video i will post it here.  Digg.com tried to censor the cracked hd-dvd code, and the users went nuts.  Users refused to listen and now digg is no longer censoring those posts even though the company that wants them to delete them will probably take them to court.  Good luck to digg, hope they can hold out and not get shut down!


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It lives… after 6 hours of work, from 7:00PM to 1:00AM… IT LIVES

Spring Sickness

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So just as my spring break started i got a chest cold :(  I have finnaly recovered from it and can now enjoy what is left of my spring break.  My car would have been fixed my now but… i was sick.  It is all really lame but whatever thats life.  Good news though… it rained, and my car didnt leak :)


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